Aaron Custer
Physical address
23501 FM 3095
Midland Tx 79706
P.O. Box 33
Midkiff Tx 79755
432-264-8362 (Cell) | 432-394-4443 (Home)
[email protected]
Congratulations to Kayden Pesina 3rd place!
8034 X Last Call

Allie Caddell 3rd with her 238 X Newsmaker kid!
Great job!
Kodi Davis and her 3rd place 746 X Newsmaker kid!!
Congratulations on your first sale spot at a major show Raelye Hoelsher!
713 X Crush
Koda Davis and her very unique 919 X 64 kid!
Second place but certainly had the crowd talking! Congratulations!

Congratulations Taryn O’Brien!
3rd place with her 759 X Mayhem kid!!
Sutton County Grand Champion.
Koda Davis. 919 X 64
Hadley Darden - Reserve Grand Champion Lampassas County!
Congratulations Cydney Newsome!
919 X 64. Division 3 champion at The Grandstand!

Reagan Crick wins Grand Champion at Bexar County & the Walter Gerlach Show with her 8034 X Crush kid!
Grant Gonzalez wins Reserve Lightweight Division at Bexar County!!
8034 X Crush. Congratulations!
Reagan Crick with her Grand Champion at the Walter Gerlach show!!
Great win!
Kayden Pesina with Rocky!! This duo has won more shows than we can count!!
This time it was for Ward County Grand Champion! What a team!

Congratulations to Tres Spencer!
Great job!
Allie Caddell placed this 759 X Mayhem kid 5th at Houston!!
Cutter Caddell and his 9th San Antonio premium sale qualifier!!
Great job!
Cayhil Isom placed 4th with this 601 X Crush kid!
Thanks to Taylor Shearrer for the help!

Reece Ingvoldsen was Champion at the Associated Feeds spring classic!
This duo was stout all over California!
Cayson was tough to get around all year with this 238 X Newsmaker kid.
Finish out with 3rd behind division champion & reserve. Congratulations!
Reece Ingvoldsen wins division 3 at the Revival!
Great job!!
Congratulations Pitcock Family
the Lightweight winner in Midland County!!

Congratulations Cayson
3rd overall at the Chisholm Trail Showdown! Great job! 238 X Whistle
Congratulations Reece Ingvoldsen
With another banner win!
Congratulations Reece Ingvoldsen
Placed 3rd overall at Northern Exposure!!
Congratulations to Cayhil Isom
4th with your CMSG wether. Special thanks to Taylor Shearrer introducing us to this great family.

Congratulations Cayson and Red Rocket
3rd class 3. CMSG 238 X Whistle. Multiple wins all year. Thanks Cayson for a great year! Thanks for all the help Taylor Shearrer.
Congratulations Cutter Caddell
Placed in this 435 wether! 9th San Antonio class 1.
Congratulations Reece Ingvoldsen
Reece Ingvoldsen and her Mayhem wether having a great 2021 in California!
Allie Caddell 5th at Houston 2021 Tres Spencer Sale Qualifier at RodeoAustin
Overall Grand Champion Somervell County Youth Fair
Y 766 - CMSG G330 X 536
Congratulations Tanner Atkins
Reserve Grand Overall Wether Doe
CMSG 729 - G315 X LJ
Congratulations Allie Caddell & Team
Placed 5th at Houston 2021!
Congratulations Tres Spencer
Last Call premium sale qualifier at RodeoAustin
Congratulations to James Tinkler on Overall Grand Doe at the Pecos County Stock Show.  CMSG R100 X LJ

Congratulations to Braydon Pitcock and family on Champion Lightweight at Midland County stock show.  CMSG G 315 X LJ

Congratulations Case Custer on Reserve Grand Champion at the Howard County Jr Livestock Show.

Congratulations to Heaven Coulston - Reserve Grand Champion Ward County Livestock Show 733 - CMSG G315 X LJ

Congratulations to the Rankin Family!
This wether was sold at the Breeders Cup Coalition at Boerne.  CMSG Red 123 X Newsmaker

Congratulations to Aubrey Parum.  This goat was sired by our 410 (Shotgun) buck on a Parum 252 daughter.  Great ending to a senior year.

Congratulations to Aspen Lemons with Champion and little brother Copelan Lemons with Reserve!
2018 Reagan County Jr Livestock Show Overall Grand and Reserve Grand Champions. 

Congratulations Brett Blythe with his class winner at the Collin County Stock Show. CMSG B441 X CMSG 252.


Congratulations to Case Custer!
Case got the honor of showing the first 501 sired wether ever!  Look for many more of these 501's coming in 2018 and beyond!
Congratulations to the Smith Family!
Red 238 X Newsmaker sold private treaty at the house in Coahoma.  Special Thanks to Luke Hammer for all his help
Congrats to Heaven Coulston
Overall Grand Champion -
Ward County Jr Livestock Show!
Congrats to Kently Northcutt
and your Newsmaker Kid!
Congratulations to Aubrey Parum
with her 410 (Shotgun) sired wether.  Overall Grand Champion Howard County Jr Livestock Show.
Congrats to JJ Olivarez
Reserve Light Division Bexar County Stock Show.
Congratulations to Conner Clark
Reserve Middleweight Division Winner at Arizona National. R 238 X Newsmaker
Congrats to James Tinkler
Overall Grand Champion - Pecos County B R15 X Newsmaker
Congrats to Aaricka Thomas
Overall Grand Champion at Concho County Jr Livestock Show.  R111 X 252
Congratulations to Dannika Walker and Family! 7th place Star of Texas show in Austin. Pet X Newsmaker Congratulations to Faith Snapp
and the Snapp Family!

4th place Star of Texas Show in Austin!
Congratulations to Emilee Custer 8th Place Houston Wether. 504 was a Y0158 X 435.
Congratulations to Case Custer
with his placing wether at Houston! Y400 X 252
Congratulations to Macey Thurman - 4th place class 12 at San Antonio!  Newsmaker X Pet Doe.  Sold Private Treaty at the house in Coahoma. Congratulations to Maci Snively
2017 CCYF class champion
Congratulations to Jodie Shearrer
Reserve Lightweight Division Winner - Atascosa County Jr Livestock Show
Congratulations to Macey Thurman
Overall Grand Champion - Randall County Livestock Show!
Congratulations to Charlie Barrerra
and family! This goat had a busy last week of his life - winning Overall Grand Champion at the Zapata County Fair and a few days later he was 4th Place in Austin! This was a Liverhead kid that we sold private treaty at home.
Congratulations to Morgan Key
Reserve Grand Champion Overall at the Ellis County Livestock Show! 431 - 0158 X 29 sold private treaty at the house!
Congratulations to Reagan Hamlin
and family on her Houston placing goat! This P20 X 252 kid sold private treaty at the house.
We are very proud of Emilee Custer and her
422 wether. P20 X 252. We liked this pairing so much,
we will have another batch of them for 2016.

Congratulations to Faith Parum with her 252 sired wether!  What a great ending to a senior year!


Congratulations to Case Custer!
2nd Place Class 2
2016 San Antonio Livestock Show
Blue P43 X Liverhead  

Congratulations to Luke Read!
Overall Champion Doe
at the Bell County Youth Fair!
Proud of this family!
Sold private treaty at the house!

Congrats to Charlie Barrerra and
his Liverhead son
.  This dynamic
duo has been a force to reckon with
all year long!  We really aren't sure
how many shows this pair has won
or been reserve - but we are proud
of the accomplishments!

Very proud of Jodie Shearrer
and her second place wether at
Ft Worth - Southwestern livestock show.  This wether sold private treaty at the house.  434 - Liverheads momma X 29.


Congratulations to Shaylee Otto!  Second place Class 1 goat at the
Ft Worth - Southwestern Livestock Show!  This goat sold at the Breeders Cup Coalition and we are thankful that he ended up in such great hands!

Congratulations to Shiner Webb!
Reserve Grand Champion - Gray County Junior Livestock Show
Special Congrats to Maci Snively
This family has trusted us for years and keeps getting better! Glad to have you win both classes this year!
Congratulations Kyler Wood
Champion Senior Showman with his lightweight goat at Mitchell County Jr Stock Show as well as the Westbrook Chapter Show!
Congratulations Jodi Shearrer
Champion Middleweight at the Atascosa County Jr Livestock Show. 434 - Liverheads momma X 29. Sold private treaty at the house. His full brother (435) is in our buck pen - and is built to impress.
Congratulations Case Custer
Champion Lightweight and Overall Reserve Grand Champion - 2016 Howard County Jr Livestock Show.
Congratulations Faith Parum
Heavyweight Champion at the Howard County Jr Livestock Show.
Sired by 252
Congratulations Cobb Family
Class winner - Rodeo Austin 2015 This wether also won the New Home Local Show. 0158 X 29 (Trump) - Sold private treaty at the house #310
Congratulations to Grant Read
on this CMSG Y31 X Liverhead doe. 
Texas Stars Doe Show. 
Sold Private Treaty at the house in Coahoma.
Congratulations to Grant Read
2015 Bell County Youth Fair
Overall Grand Champion Doe
Congratulations to Chris Belcher
Reserve Grand Champion at the Dash For Cash Winter Classic!  Thanks to Richard Meeks - Frost FFA for placing this goat for us.  
Congratulations to Emilee Custer
2015 Howard County Junior Livestock Show
Grand Champion
Congratulations to Emilee Custer
2015 Howard County Junior Livestock Show Reserve Lightweight Division
Congratulations to Faith Parum
Reserve Champion Heavyweight
Howard County Jr Livestock Show.  We really like this 252 son.

Pictures Coming Soon!

Congratulations to the Coor Family
2015 Borden County Junior Stock Show
Reserve Grand Champion Y57 X Liverhead and a class winner P20 X Liverhead

Congratulations to
Paige Williams and Family!
Yoakum County 2015
Reserve Grand Champion
Congratulations to
Allann Roman & Family
Grand Champion
2015 Reeves County Junior
Livestock Show
Congratulations Jett Patterson
Grand Champion
2015 Lamb County Stock Show
Thanks to Andrew Hokanson for placing this wether for us! 1B X 252
Congratulations Kash & Kyler Wood
2015 Westbrook Chapter Show Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion as well as Mitchell Co Lightweight Reserve Division Champion
Congratulations Cobb family
4th place
2014 Houston Livestock Show.
Pet X Liverhead
McCalley Cunningham

10th Class 18 Houston 2014.

Congratulations to Emilee Custer 14th Class 2 goat 2014 Houston.
Y34 X Liverhead

Congratulations Jayden Holt
4th lightweight
2014 Star of Texas in Austin!

Congratulations Ian Cobb and the Cobb Family
Reserve Champion Middleweight Division - Star of Texas - Austin 2014!  C 101 X 25
Congratulations to Emilee Custer 2nd Place - Class 3 wether
2014 San Antonio Livestock Exposition
Y115 X Liverhead Twin to 252 Buck on Bucks page.
Congratulations Lindsey Cobb 6th Place Class 8 wether
2014 San Antonio Livestock Exposition - P20 X Liverhead
Look for babies from this flush for the 2015 show season. This wether is full flush sib to the 207 buck kid we kept this year!
Congratulations to the
Thurman Family

2014 Randall County Champion Middle Division - 243 - Bean 1028 X 25.

Also on the showmanship winner!
Macey finished her year at Austin and a 6th place finish!
Congratulations to
Hannah Lynn Brock

Reserve Grand Champion 2014 Crosby County Stock Show
Also Sr. Showmanship winner!
 Blue P228 X Liverhead - #257 sold private treaty at the house.
Congratulations Cobb Family
2014 Grand Champion Lynn County
211 - Garrett P20 X Liverhead
Congratulations Lindsey Cobb
Class 3 winner and Overall Reserve Grand Champion Sandhills Stock Show.
 Colo 101 X 25
Congratulations on the 2014 Jones County Reserve Grand
Eddy McIlwain Family - 206 - Garrett P20 X Liverhead.
Another Showmanship victory as well!
Congratulations to Maci Snively
Another Great year with her Custer Midkiff Show goats!
Congratulations Emilee Custer
2014 Howard County Middle weight Champion and Light weight Reserve Champion Y0158 X Liverhead and Garret White P50 X Liverhead as well as showmanship winner
Congratulations Cobb Family
Ian Cobb - Class one winner Sandhills Stock Show
Custer Pet X Liverhead
Congratulations Kolby Williams
2014 Reserve Grand Champion
Floyd County Reserve Grand Champion
Breeding is Custer Vick 0128 X Liverhead
Congrats Kolby Williams
2014 Floyd County Grand Champion
Breeding is Custer Vick 0128 X Liverhead
Congratulations Jayden Holt Reserve Grand Champion Westbrook Chapter show Congratulations to the NCTA
FFA chapter

Overall Grand and Reserve Grand
South Plains Fair
2013 Grand Champion
Congratulations to
the Cobb Family!  

C101 X 25
Congratulations to the
Thurman Family

Champion goat at the Judy Moore Jackpot in Dumas!


Congratulations Ian Cobb
and the Cobb family!

Class 2 Champion State Fair
of Texas.  
Custer P18 X Liverhead!  
Congrats to the Hamlin Family Reagan Hamlin - Grand Champion Sands Chapter Show
Reserve Middle Division
Howard County Show
2014 Reserve Champion Middle Division at the Howard County Jr Livestock Show
Bean 1023 X 25
Congratulations Kace Hoffman Ingvoldsen and Hollywood
Overall Grand Champion at the Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, California!
Emilee Custer - Congratulations
on your 9th place Houston lightweight goat.  
Thanks to David Garrett
for sending us this kid

Samantha Garrett
Class 7 - 2nd place.
Congratulations on a great year
with this Bean 158 X Liverhead kid.

Full sibs to hit the ground end of March 2013

Congratulations to Jayden Holt
who is having her best year ever
with her Custer - Midkiff Goat.  

We are proud of the giant steps this
family is making with their program!

2013 Brown County Stock Show Reserve Grand Champion
Congratulations Samantha Garrett
- he looks great! 
This kid is a flush baby out of our 158 Bean doe X Liver Headed buck we purchased from David Garrett and Schrank.  Luckily, we flushed  158 the same way for April 2013 babies!!  We look for great things out of this kid at Houston.
2013 Howard Co. Jr. Livestock Show
Middle Division Champion
& Overall Grand Champion

Congratulations Emilee Custer!
Was also awarded Junior Showmanship
Winner.  Liverhead X Blue 15 Doe.
Reserve Grand Champion
Martin Co. Junior Livestock Show
Congratulations to the Matthews family! Sired by TCU
Ian Cobb -5th place
2012 San Angelo Stock Show

This wether's Dam was flushed for April 2 kids bred to TCU
Grand Goat
Lubbock County
2nd place
Class 9 Winner
American Royal 2008
Emilee Custer & Mighty
22nd - State Fair of Texas
* This was the first goat Emilee showed & we are very proud of her!
Congratulations to Madison Martin
Florence FFA - Williamson County Show
Congratulations Jackson Napper
Grand Champion

Dawson FFA - Welch Local Show
Congratulations to Mikaela Loerwald and the other 
Florence FFA -
Williamson County
Show winners!

All goats that were purchased
from us made the premium sale!!
Congratulations to Jackson Napper
Reserve Grand Champion

Dawson FFA -
Dawson County Junior Livestock Show
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