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Introducing 536

This buck is another home raised buck that we are very excited about. He is The result of our popular Pet Doe bred to our Newsmaker buck. He is the first and only Newsmaker son we have kept.
Introducing our 501 Buck

Home raised and an addition we are looking forward to using. His first kids look amazing and we are using him very heavy in 2018! He is G 320 X 435.
Introducing BluePrint

Another Cat Daddy son that we purchased 1/2 interest in with La Copa. We think he will continue to help us add muscle without giving up structural integrity. This guy is good!
Introducing LJ

Our Cat Daddy son owned with La Copa Ranch. 2018 will see the start of adding this genetic piece to our herd.


This buck is Newsmaker. He is a direct son of La Copa's Cat Daddy and a Transformer daughter. We looked far and wide for a outcross to fit our program. We feel like we found him! Thanks to Larry Jackson and La Copa for allowing us to buy 1/2 interest in this buck!


This guy is special.  David Garrett let us buy Liverhead's momma in 2014, and we flushed her soon after.  435 is the result of adding the power of the 29 or Trump buck to the Liverhead line.  Wow!  We can't wait to get this guy breeding!


252 Buck Kid
Y115 X Liverhead


** Breaking News - full sib to 252 Buck kid is 2nd at 2014 San Antonio
and was very popular in the Lightweight Drive! Proven show ring
genetics at the toughest goat show in the world! Look for his sull sib
picture on our Results page - Shown by Emilee Custer
We have scratched our heads over this buck kid for a while.  He continues to impress.  He is a result of Y115 X Liverhead.  This one has it all.  We are very excited to have raised him and are even more fortunate to have his full sib in the pen for Emilee this year.  This guy could change things.  Third Canyon Show Goats purchased half interest and we look forward to working with them and this phenomenal buck in the future.

215 Billy
0158 Bean X Liverhead

We will call this buck Thriller.  He is a full sib to Samantha Garrett's 2nd at Houston.  We are hoping to be able to use this guy ASAP.  Congratulations to Third Canyon Show Goats for purchasing half interest in this really cool and powerful buck!


We didn't clip this buck for a picture - what you see is him naturally - this pic was taken with an iphone in the buck trap.  He is thick, tight hided, with a huge rack and rear end.  One of the best we have seen from that last rib back.  Really wide pin placement and he's got the frame size that many are looking for these days.  We co-own this buck with Vick Show Goats - Mickey and Dustin Vick

> Look at his first daughters on our DOES page!

Thank you to David Garrett and Gayland Schrank for allowing us to purchase this phenomenal buck in 2012.  He has sired many of the best goats to leave our wether operation, as well as the 252 buck, the 215 buck (Thriller), and another buck that we have not posted pics of yet - 207 - that will turn many heads when word of him gets out.

  #25 & Liverhead

We put these two guys together to show you the size of the #25 buck at a year old.  We are very blessed to have these two guys to cover our females.  

TCU was a purchase from Schrank and David Garrett.  He is a son of the 9601 buck or "Nick" and the 8501 doe, both owned by Schrank and David Garrett. He is co-owned with Mickey Vick and Vick Show Goats.  We got to use this guy on a few does last year and were thrilled with the results so when he was offered for sale, we were excited to have been able to purchase this buck.


Congratulations to Hugh Childress on purchasing half interest in one of these buck kids - named Trump.  Everyone that has seen them is buzzing about how nice these two kids are.  We flushed and AI'd many does to these two flushmate buck kids.  Vick Show goats, Hugh Childress, and I will have several kids out of  of these great looking young bucks available next year!



from Douglas Bean
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